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KidSafe and Smart Series by Cherie Benjoseph and Sally Berenzweig

KidSafe logo_newKidSafe The Safe and Smart Series by Cherie Benjoseph and Sally Berenzweig

Teaching children how to safely interact with the world around them is one of the most critical and potentially difficult hurdles parents and teachers need to cross. Part of this challenge involves teaching kids to recognize unsafe and abusive behavior and to take the steps needed to protect themselves. This is where KidSafe’s Safe and Smart Series comes in.

The KidSafe Foundation, founded by authors Cherie Benjoseph and Sally Berenzweig, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to help parents and kids educate themselves on the issues of bullying, child sexual abuse, and protecting kids from dangers on the Internet. KidSafe also provide education programs for kids, and seminars, workshops, and practical training for adults and professionals in all fields of child care. This series, as well as the KidSafe curriculum, covers issues of personal safety that both parents and children need to be aware of, and offers a kid-friendly, safe platform upon which to build a dialogue with your children and/or students.

Sally and Cherie work tirelessly to spread their message through the community. They are dedicated to making sure that every person—kids and adults alike—who comes into contact with their organization walks away feeling educated, equipped, and safe. It is our pleasure, as The Book Couple, to work with these amazing women. Their books are fully illustrated and insightful—and written to educate children rather than frighten them. Their commitment to keeping kids—all kids—safe from those who wish to do them harm is an incredible, invaluable resource. We’re incredibly grateful that Sally, Cherie, and KidSafe are looking out for kids.

You can find out more about the KidSafe Foundation and their wonderful books on their website. CLICK HERE.

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