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If your dream is to make the book in your head a book in your hands, we can help you make it happen.

We’re so glad you found your way to our services page! With every project we take on, we set our intention on helping our authors produce top-quality products that we’re proud to have produced. We’re not in competition with all those self-publishing joints on the block, those Internet services that will take virtually any manuscript in any shape and make it into a “book.” No, with our traditional publishing background, it just wouldn’t feel right. Our services are tailored to your individual needs. Our advice is honest and straightforward, and it is always in the best interest of the book. Likewise, our praise is sincere. Above all, the integrity of the final product is most important. Top quality is our goal, and we hope it’s yours too. If you are interested in learning how The Book Couple can help you make your book a reality, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


With the traditional publishing industry in such a state of flux and its heavy reliance on authors to promote their books after the initial marketing push, self-publishing is making more sense for people who don’t already have celebrity status or a large following. Our editorial, design, and production services can help you produce a quality book, and we will guide you in the process of making that book available through online distribution channels as a print-on-demand product. (By the way, “print-on-demand” just means you won’t have to lay out tons of money for large print runs.) With our team behind you, your book will be virtually indistinguishable from a traditionally published book. Our book-packaging services include the editorial stages appropriate for your work, cover design, interior design and layout, and prepress file preparation. We work closely and personally with our clients, so please call or email for an estimate.


Publishing a book is not just about the written manuscript and having it edited, of course. To produce a quality product, a good deal of effort must be spent designing and laying out the book as well—both inside and out. The cover is the first thing a person sees when they pick up the book and the back cover gives them a preview of what’s inside. That is why it is so imperative to have a professionally designed external space for your work. Internally, the text is not simply placed on the pages as if by magic (although the finished product is always magical). A lot of thought and effort goes into making a readable, unique, and attractive presentation. The services that fall under this category include creative and original cover design based on both clients’ ideas as well as our own plus appropriate market research, ensuring the imagery, typefaces, and color schemes fuse into an appealing whole. We also develop the internal layout and structure of your work, consisting of typographic choices and complementary design elements. Together, we can make sure the end result is a polished, professional, and appealing package.


We smile because we love what we do and are so thankful to be able to do it! Editing is one of the most important stages of book production. A very wise editor once said, “Even editors need to be edited.” This is because everyone has a unique perspective and special talents. It’s virtually impossible to see everything that can be improved or needs to be corrected from one point of view. In traditional publishing, there are many different types of editors: acquisitions editors, developmental editors, substantive editors, project editors, and copyeditors. And, when the manuscript is laid out in page proofs, proofreaders and indexers. Everyone, at every stage of the process, is looking out for the work to ensure that it’s in the best shape it can be. While not every stage is required for every book, editorial input is imperative to ensure quality. No matter how well written a manuscript is, every book requires an editor or copyeditor and a proofreader in the final stages of production in order to stand toe to toe with traditionally published books.


If your book is just a thought at this stage and you don’t know where or how to begin the process, a coaching session is probably what you need. This service includes a one-hour meeting via Skype or in person to discuss and develop your potential topic, identify your target audience, pinpoint what makes your book unique, brainstorm working titles, and develop a working outline and game plan for action. This helpful process can provide you with the conceptual tools you need to build and write your manuscript. Whether or not you move forward with our book-packaging services, the development session and follow-up report will put you on the right track.


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