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It’s popular in modern society to use psychological labels, spiritual bypasses and outside-in modalities to override experiences that are too uncomfortable for us to consciously feel. However, this way of functioning keeps us in an inwardly divided state, and therefore constantly searching outside ourselves for the intimate inner connection we need in order for us to deeply heal and spiritually awaken. Conscious Whole Being Integration, in contrast, is an approach that encompasses the natural integrative relationship that already exists between deep psychological healing, bodymind awareness, and spiritual awakening as a means of bringing you into alignment with your natural rhythms. This book will guide you in taking an inward dive into your own inner terrain; feeling, moment to moment, your unique relationship to the thought patterns and beliefs that have constructed who and what you perceive yourself to be. It’s only through this direct experience that you can learn to consciously feel and engage all levels of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—to bring about the natural and seamless integration of your soul’s journey.

Deborah Hall has pursued her quest for universal truth and wisdom with a single-minded focus and a certain fierce adherence to principles. Her studies of psychology, bodymind integration, energy healing, meditation, and other Eastern spiritual traditions and practices led her to spend nearly two decades moving deeply inward. She created a private retreat lifestyle for herself, spending much of her time in silent meditation and self-exploration while moving naturally through the many stages and phases of deep healing, awakening, and whole being integration. In addition to her academic work, she has done in-depth study under the guidance of teachers in bodymind integration, Ancient Vedic knowledge and science, and spiritual enlightenment. In her study of psychology, Deborah earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, where she gained a deep understanding in Object Relations Theory, Family Systems Theory, and Trauma Resolution. In her study of psychology, Deborah earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, where she gained a deep understanding in Object Relations Theory, Family Systems Theory, and Trauma Resolution. Deborah also holds a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Florida and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Florida State University. Through her personal in-depth studies, she developed the ability to perceive and track her own energetic configuration, engage her patterns of conditioning, and clear her energetic distortions. Through these processes, she established a deep, natural way of restoring a more harmonious energetic life-force flow. Her direct experience has given her the ability to guide others through this challenging journey. It is her long, deep personal study-combined with her academic foundation and professional experience-that has given birth to and nurtured her own teachings: Conscious Whole Being Integration. For more information please visit: and



It is possible to live peacefully and to become more powerful! Come join the conversation and see how the Universe has given us a how-to book to live life to the fullest.

One minute Beau Butger was looking on his phone reading the names of the archangels, and the next minute he was typing things out on his laptop that did not come from him. He had no idea what was happening, but he did know that something greater than himself was communicating through him. At the end of his typing, he was told that the “something greater” was Archangel Gabriel.

How does an “ordinary guy” like Beau become a scribe for an archangel? He’s not sure, but even after four years of channeling Archangel Gabriel, he still has moments of sheer amazement. The delight in his relationship with Gabriel is evident in the Life Lessons he shares in this book.

If you find life to be hard and unfair, you’ve picked up the right book. In Gabriel’s Guidance: 101 Life Lessons from Archangel Gabriel, Beau Butger shares wisdom and knowledge directly from an angelic being who wants only the best for us. The Life Lessons shared by Archangel Gabriel teach us how powerful we are, how connected we all are to each other, and how life is so much simpler than we realize. These lessons apply to everybody. We are all the same. We are all connected. We are all One.


There is no “us” and “them.” There is only “all.” —Archangel Gabriel Beau Butger never thought he would channel Archangel Gabriel for another book’s worth of wisdom after his first book, Gabriel’s Guidance: 101 Life Lessons from Archangel Gabriel,came out in 2016. But he was sorely mistaken.

In this book, Gabriel shares his angelic perspectives on topics ranging from the gift of being human to multidimensionality to living a simple life. Life seems so complicated and complex to most of us, but Gabriel invites us to explore the possibility that life can be simple and easy. He teaches us that we create our life. That every one of us is a work of art. That we are God. That we are all One. That Love is all there is. And that these are not New Age platitudes—these are ideas to be lived! Come join the conversation—and experience the love and truth of the teachings of Archangel Gabriel, as channeled by Beau Butger.

How does an “ordinary guy” like Beau Butger become a scribe for an archangel? He’s not sure, but even after many years of channeling Archangel Gabriel, he still has moments of sheer amazement. The delight in his relationship with Gabriel is evident in the wisdom he shares in this book.



Omar Speaks Universal Truth is a channeled book for those who ever wondered how the Laws of the Universe operate. It is a road map for learning how to harness your own Personal Power and connecting with your Higher Power. It offers guidance from a higher perspective that will awaken your soul for the elevated path of life. It is a must-read for those seeking a life of contentment and joy.

The Omar Speaks teachings have been gifted through consciousness to Elizabeth to inspire the reader and the world with an understanding that they are connected to Source throughout their entire existence. Source Connection is the higher connection and will always bring the relief, joy and well-being that many are seeking.

Creating an opportunity for clarity and personal growth was the intended purpose for Omar’s spoken words to you. Omar often speaks of an awakening. May the awakening that he so often speaks of, touch your heart and open a door to a new way of thinking.


Omar Speaks Awakening with Love is a channeled book for those seeking peace, harmony and a connection to wellbeing throughout their life.

The teachings of this book were gifted through consciousness to Elizabeth to inspire humans toward self-love. Through this material, the reader will be guided toward self-growth and development resulting in an awareness that one’s self-love is the path of the Master. Connecting with your own self-worth and value is the elevated path. Through your awakening, the love of yourself which is the path of Source will flourish.

The purpose for this book is to bring the reader to the firm understanding that they are loved by and connected to Source, and the love for one self is the desired intent for their journey.

Elizabeth Margolis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an author and a Master Level Channeler. Since early childhood, Elizabeth has been guided by a Stream of Source Consciousness known to her as Omar. Omar’s intent is to send a message to the world that humans can harness their own Personal Power through a connection with Source.


My life, like a spiral staircase, has core issues that I seem to circle repeatedly, but each time from different angles and levels. The chapters in this book are some of those core issues and what I have learned as I circle them.

Carol L. MacAllister, MSW, was born and raised in the Finger Lake region of upstate New York. She spent her career as a psychiatric social worker in New York and New Mexico. Now retired and living in Minnesota, Ms. MacAllister offers a unique lens through which to view the challenges of growing up.




Voices of Spirit_web coverFrom Spiritualism to Divine Metaphysics . . . Spanning More Than 35 Years

Learn how this wonderful church evolved from its humble beginnings as a Miami-based meditation and psychic development group into a regular spiritual gathering and, ultimately, into its present-day form as a metaphysical center of light, attracting steady crowds and drawing international speakers, ministers, healers, and mediums.

The Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida has truly become the premier location in Florida to learn about and fully immerse oneself in “all things metaphysical.”

The Chapel’s offerings include:

Healing Circles

Spiritual Healing Services

Dynamic Workshops & Lectures

Apportation Demonstrations in Light

Precipitation Card Writing Mediumship

Darkroom/Red Light Materialization Séances

Trance Mediumship/Channeling Demonstrations

For more information, please visit our website at


OMAR SPEAKS: BOOK SERIES • BOOKS 1–3 by Omar, as received by Elizabeth Margolis

Omar Speaks Books1-3_Web coverHello. We are grateful that you found your way to our books.

These books were developed with you in mind. They are meant to provide you with Love, Support and Insight on how the Universe can and does work for you.

We are excited for you to take this journey with us, and we look forward to you receiving all the Love that exists for you right here and right now.

So please, release all your fears today and claim yourselves anew with the firm understanding that you are ALL Masterpieces of the Greatest Perfection within the tapestry of All That Is . . .



LIVING ENERGETICALLY: 100 IDEAS TO PONDER AND PRACTICE by Michael Marlowe, Author of Wait For No One

Living Energetically_web coverThis is a book about expansion . . . for yourself, your relationships, and your community.

Of the 100 ideas offered in Living Energetically, one or more will touch you deeply, and in turn, touch others.

Wait For No One, this book’s predecessor, presented a new wisdom tradition contained in ten messages designed to awaken your abilities to more fully experience the world and express your voice.

Living Energetically builds on these messages with simple, direct, short conversations with an energetic being called the Voice. The ideas offered will challenge you, delight you, build your skills, and invite wonderful new possibilities.

Living Energetically meets you wherever you are in your journey and supports the development of your own wisdom.

Michael Marlowe is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, writer, and executive consultant. A pioneer in the field of Energetic Intelligence, he teaches individuals and leaders to work directly with patterns of energy to create flourishing environments. He is author of Wait For No One, Children and Leaders, and the series Small Books with Big Ideas. Michael Marlowe is co-founder of the Academy for Systemic Change and a frequent faculty member and advisor to the Omega Institute.



7 Breakthrough Biggies_Web coverOur beliefs and perceptions define our sense of the world around us, and they may not always represent the actual truth. This belief system is your story—your perception of your life experience.

You are in charge of your story and you get the opportunity to rewrite it whenever you choose to create a life you’ll love to live!

7 Breakthrough Biggies inspires you with concepts and exercises you can use to navigate and transform your life.

Kathy Mela is an author, speaker, thought transformer, business leader, mindset coach, and entrepreneur. She offers support in discovering answers and creating a road­map for your life. Visit



Transitions_web coverFor each of us there are times when life seems to fall apart. This may occur gradually or with an unexpected suddenness. At such times, we may realize that we have reached a pivotal moment in life when we can no longer avoid the soul’s call. We know there is something more at hand—something more meaningful and possible for our life.

That’s how it was for me. More than once, I found myself confronting such a life transition. I searched for guidance from the usual people—psychologists, physicians, and others. They were of little help. I then turned to the great stories of transition that have been told and retold throughout history. It was there that I found an authentic, precise, and reliable roadmap for successfully navigating a life transition, transforming seeming adversity into a more fulfilled life.

These great stories guide us through the 6 stages of a life transition: The Call to a Larger Life, The Departure, The In-Between Time, Lessons Learned, The Return, and The Gold. An understanding of each of these stages enabled me to confidently move forward towards a revitalized life. I wish to share this practical wisdom and guidance with you, along with supportive advice and practices. I know you can rely upon, as did I, the guidance of a clear and well traveled path through the darkness to a more authentic life of soul and spirit.

Dr. Elliott S. Dacher received his medical degree in 1970. He practiced full-time Internal medicine for twenty-one years. Subsequently, he acquired his second medical education studying for many years amongst the wisdom traditions of Asia—an education in the inner aspects of heath and healing. Dr. Dacher is the author of four previous books including Aware, Awake, Alive and Integral Health. He is a past fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He is currently a teacher, mentor, and writer.



Presence Is Power_Web CoverAwareness Is the Key to Transformation

Presence Is Power: Seven Steps for Living a Life of Prosperity enables you to lift the spell and liberate your heart from the illusion of scarcity and denial.

  • Become present and powerful by choosing to be a responsible, empowered, and deliberate conscious creator.
  • Learn how to cultivate sustainable self-confidence and self-reliance and how to maximize and invest your energy in prosperity.
  • Understand that energy cannot be wasted, only invested consciously or not, and in this way the mystery of prosperity will be revealed to you.

Presence Is Power encourages you to take seven steps into well-being, personal empowerment, and prosperity in a simple no-nonsense manner so that you may sustain holistic wellness, mindful fitness, and an eternal glow.

Gudni Gunnarsson is a life coach and yoga instructor and the creator of GlóMotion. In the 1980s, he began his thirty-five-year career as a fitness trainer in Iceland and became a pioneer in the fitness industry. As founder of Iceland’s first professional gym and Fitness & Nutrition magazine, Gunnarsson quickly established himself as a leading contributor to the holistic approach to mind and body development.

In the early 1990s, Gunnarsson worked as a life management consultant for celebrities and business executives in Los Angeles. While in LA, he developed Rope Yoga Fitness, which he later combined with his life coach philosophy to create GlóMotion—a mindful fitness and nutritional program empowering people to be the change in their own lives. Gunnarsson currently owns and operates the Rope Yoga Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is the bestselling author of Presence Is Power and Awareness Prosperity.



Hide & Seek_Web coverPlaying games is an age-old pastime that never loses its appeal. But what about this game of life we play every day? Is it possible to ever master it? For professional coach and speaker Karri Bruntz, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Woven cleverly into the framework of the world’s most popular childhood game, Karri’s remarkably powerful system for true life mastery is revealed step-by-step in this extraordinary guide. Generously sprinkled with thought-provoking insights and result-igniting action steps, Hide and Seek will help adults rediscover their innocence while becoming their most successful, authentic, and inspired selves. Personal growth has never been so much fun!

Karri Bruntz is an author, speaker, financial advisor, and coach dedicated to living life—and inspiring others to live—authentically. She motivates and trains teams in the corporate world and coaches individuals on how to use their natural talents to create synergistic success. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Chris, and two children, Taylor and Brayden. Visit


What Is Your Destiny_web coverDo you sense something more stirring inside of you and are just not sure how to tap into it? Surrounding yourself with inspiration is an important first step, but there is so much more to actually mani- festing a fun and fulfilled life. International speaker and life strategy coach Wendi Blum asks you the big question “What Is Your Destiny?” and then shows you how to make more health, happiness, and success the ultimate answer.

In this book, Wendi shows you how to break through patterns of negative thought and create positive outcomes through reprogram- ming the subconscious mind and connecting to the heart. She inspires through actionable, easy-to-follow steps that you are able to incorporate directly in your own life.

Get ready to take your life, your business, and your future to an abundantly rich land of health, happiness, and success.

Wendi Blum is a globally recognized speaker, published author, business Strategist, and retreat guru who is lighting the way for men and women in leadership, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Wendi uses a fusion of science, brain technology, and personal development to help people tap into their infinite power, unleash their creativity, and shine their divine gifts out into the world.



Create Your Best Life_web coverThis companion workbook by the author of What Is Your Destiny? serves as a full-color, vibrant guide to creating your best life. Full of daily inspiration, self-awareness activities, and personal challenges, this workbook includes a full one-year calendar for readers to set goals and intentions and achieve their highest potential.

Wendi Blum is known as the Woman on a Health & Wellness Mission. An international speaker, business and life coach, and author, Wendi is dedicated to spreading words of inspiration and positivity everywhere she goes. She leads seminars, local and international retreats, and gives talks on dozens of subjects related to living your best life. She is also the author of What Is Your Destiny?


ENLIGHTENING MOMENTS: LIVING BEYOND THE FRUSTRATION CYCLE by Gary Bello and Radha Bello with Foreword by Jeffrey Armstrong

Enlightening Moments_web coverAre you too hard on yourself? Are you fed up with the people in your life who just don’t get it? Do you feel like you never have enough time? Are you stuck in a pattern you cannot break no matter how hard you try? If so, you are caught in the Frustration Cycle, and you are getting nowhere fast. If you long for a satisfying relationship, if you feel that something is interfering with your professional success, or if you don’t understand why you let a certain situation bother you so much, this book is for you. Enlightening Moments: Living Beyond the Frustration Cycle has the power to transform every area of your life. Instead of trying to change what’s going on around you, this book introduces a radical perspective that inspires refreshing responses to the way things are. Being able to recognize your patterns and take full responsibility for your reactions leads you down a clear path to the root cause of the issue—to the source of surprising insight and profound understanding.

This paradigm is revolutionary because it works. Gary and Radha Bello don’t just talk about what’s possible . . . they walk you through the step-by-step process required to unwind the habits that bind. With simple practices, playful curiosity, and an openness to grace, you will see what used to bother you the most transform into the revelation you’ve been waiting for.

Gary and Radha Bello are the founders of Pacific Horizon Consulting, serving clients from all walks of life. They have combined Eastern wisdom with Western psychology to create simple tools for personal and professional transformation.


OMAR SPEAKS: ON OUR WAY BOOKS 1, 2, & 3 by Omar, as received by Elizabeth Margolis

Omar Speaks Book1_Web coverOmar Speaks Book2_Web coverOmar Speaks Book3_Web cover

Elizabeth Margolis is a Channeling Medium. She and Omar work together to bring light and hope to the world. Omar is a stream of consciousness that communicates through Elizabeth for the “soul” desire to bring forth health, happiness, and wellbeing.

The Omar Speaks: On Our Way series is entirely channeled from Omar to Elizabeth. The intent and the goal of these books is to assist the reader in a straight forward and uncomplicated manner toward a higher understanding of how the Universe can and does work for them.

The books are easy reads packed with tremendous insight. They are meant to be a quick and easy tool for guidance on becoming all that you wish to become and living a joy-filled life.

Book 1 provides the reader with the knowledge that a Universal Force like no other is working with them and through them. This book showcases the Love that is Universally bestowed upon all humans that seek out comfort and healing. This book is geared toward the beginner.

Book 2 delves deeper into Omar’s messaging. This book reveals the Majesticness of the human spirit and its ability to move forward in a Grand Way harnessing the energy of the Universe toward their own Personal Power. This book is meant to direct the reader toward their understanding that a Universal Force is supporting them through their life’s journey.

Book 3 focuses on bringing the reader to a higher state of enlightenment. This book is for the Truth Seeker desiring to grow themselves to even greater heights and becoming the creators that they were meant to be.

The Law of Attraction is at the root of all three books. The books are meant to uplift and shine through the reader an understanding that they are all Wanted, Loved and Most of all Creators of the highest realm. Omar and Elizabeth look forward to you receiving this information and living in harmony within this Majestic Universe.

Elizabeth Margolis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Channeling Medium. Elizabeth has been guided by an energy source since early childhood. She receives channeled information through a stream of consciousness known to her as Omar. Omar’s intent is to send a message to the world that human beings can harness their own personal Power through the use and application of the Law of Attraction. Those seeking assistance in the realm of relief and healing would benefit through receiving the messaging that Omar has to offer them. The Omar Speaks “On Our Way” book series is for the soul purpose of lifting the Spirit to a more enlightened state, allowing happiness and wellbeing to enter within. Omar’s message will lift you up and bring joy and peace into your lives.


WAIT FOR NO ONE by Michael Marlowe

Wait for No One_web coverPeople everywhere are searching. They want to know what it is that they are “supposed” to do and how to contribute to the world and make a difference. They want to find their true voice and their special gift as well as that “special someone.” As humans, we all long to know our purpose in life and where we belong. However, as the pace of life increases and the complexity of challenges intensify, the natural process of growth is often diverted, stalled, or blocked. It does not have to be this way.

Without judgment or criticism Wait for No One candidly describes many aspects of human dilemmas and offers simple ways to navigate out of confusing and troublesome situations and relationships. Both beginner and advanced practitioners of personal growth will find ideas and practices from which they can derive benefit.

Wait for No One introduces a new wisdom practice to help us develop our voices, discover our gifts, experience the world energetically and rediscover the possibilities of what it means to be fully human. These are the building blocks to healthy vibrant relationships and flourishing communities.

Michael Marlowe is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, writer, and executive consultant. A pioneer in the field of Energetic Intelligence™, he teaches individuals and leaders to work more directly with patterns of energy to create flourishing environments. He is author of the Children and Leaders and the Small Books with Big Ideas. Michael Marlowe is a cofounder of the Academy for Systemic Change and is a faculty member and advisor to the Omega Institute.



Soul Adventure Guide_Web coverYOU CAN CREATE A BETTER LIFE!

In this entertaining and deeply insightful guide, Bobby Fite shares a wealth of life experience derived from his True Hollywood Story—an inspiring personal comeback from life-threatening depression and a remarkable 22-year spiritual journey.

This powerful book is not a series of lofty intellectual theories; it’s a collection of essential life lessons, key spiritual insights, and universal principles that WILL change your life! These “truths about living” are presented in a way that’s unique, highly relatable, and refreshingly real.

In The Soul Adventure Guide, you will discover how to:

  • Achieve the goals of this life and live in harmony with natural spiritual laws
  • Enjoy true spiritual growth and freedom
  • Experience the deep satisfaction of the spiritual energies within you and transform your life into an exciting adventure
  • Increase personal peace by learning how to shift negative feelings
  • Create financial prosperity while avoiding the seductive path of materialism

Bobby Fite was a successful teenage actor in the eighties who became a recurring character on the hit sitcom Silver Spoons. As a teen, he performed in movies with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. As an adult, he’s distinguished himself as a top-producing sales professional with the largest homebuilder in the U.S.



Let Your Soul Evolve_Web CoverSpiritual Growth Therapy (SGT) utilizes ancient philosophy, new age spirituality, traditional psychotherapy, logo therapy, neuro- science and quantum mechanics to create a new model for healing mental illness and addiction.

This book is the beginning of the creation of a new paradigm for healing. It is a remembering of whom we were and what we can be again. This book uses the wisdom of the ages, our present day knowledge on healing and the mysteries of quantum mechanics to open up a new age of therapeutic practice.

This book is meant to empower all of us to become the creation beings we really are, we will show you how to rediscover your real powers for creation and transformation.

Deep inside we are all angels awaiting rediscovery. This book helps uncover the unimaginable capabilities of the human spirit and the potential we’ve had all along—all we have to do is to remind ourselves how to use them.

—Phil Diaz

We have now come to the age of Aquarius, the celestial cosmic turning of the dawn of a new consciousness. This is thought evolution, spiritual evolution. We are soldiers in a spiritual war and we must choose which side we will make a stand with. Crazy as it sounds, we are choosing a battle between our spirit and our brain, for this is a battle that is won from within, through the actions of the heart, by finding balance.

—P.D. Alleva

Phil Diaz, MSW, LLD (H) DACACD, co-owner of Let Your Soul Evolve, is a Gestalt therapist with thirty years of experience in the healing profession. He is an internationally known trainer and coauthor of six books on addic- tion, trauma, and spirituality. Mr. Diaz is also the former head of prevention for the White House Drug Czar’s office.

P.D. Alleva, MSW, founder of Let Your Soul Evolve, is a clinical hypnotherapist. He is the author of three novels: Indifference, Celestial Silence, and A Billion Tiny Moments in Time.



Pop Song Magic_web coverEvery Favorite Invites a Journey. Almost nothing has been written about how pop music lovers might use their favorite songs for exploring their personalities, feelings, emotions, and dreams—and perhaps even pursuing a more meaningful way of life. Your journey through this book will inspire you to consider your favorite songs in a whole new light. In it you will learn the value of pop songs for illuminating the past, for calming the mind and changing the heart, and for inspiring happiness and revealing the sublime. You’ll also find out how your favorite chart-toppers can ultimately help you craft a future that really matters. On your journey, you’ll come to understand more about: • How the idea of song evolved from the beginning of time • How the brain engages with our favorite pop songs • How our personal chart-toppers bridge the heart and the mind • How to use favorites to revisit the past for inspiration and new direction • How pop songs can be used to chase-away our concerns and worries • How our treasured tunes serve as conduits to adventure and magic • How pop songs invite joy and happiness for improving the quality of life Our favorites reveal who we were, who we are now, and who we might, indeed, become!

Guy V. Briggs survived a classical music background, which includes an undergraduate degree from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, a master’s of music from West Virginia University, and the doctorate of music education from the Uni­versity of Oklahoma—in addition to the MBA. He has been a professor and teacher in the fields of professional public school education, the musical arts, and business management in institutions of higher education for some thirty-four years. Currently retired, he is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of ­Business and Economics at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, and teaches the online course Small Business Management—Entrepreneurship.



Happy woman jumping in golden wheatIn this easy-to-implement guide to feeling fabulous forever, Carol Chanel shares with you her unique approach to changing how you think and feel about yourself so you can embrace everything that is wonderful and authentic about you. With entertaining and informative chapters, she helps you look at what isn’t working in your life and shows you how to get rid of it and also teaches you to strengthen those things that do work and explains how to make those qualities long-lasting. Carol takes on the topic of self-improvement and self-empowerment the same way she successfully coaches her clients: by combining beneficial, practical concepts with powerful, tried-and-true spiritual principles. Life Coaching applied with Carol’s skill and intuition helps you create the life you want. As you read, think of Carol personally coaching you and inspiring you to feel joyful, loving, and free. Carol says, “I wrote this book because of the enormous success my clients and I experienced with these teachings. I want all women to feel fabulous forever! Imagine a world where we all feel this way and love and support each other on our journey through life’s inevitable ups and downs. That thought makes my heart overflow with joy.” And this book will have your heart overflowing with joy too! Fabulous Forever! can be used as a reference guide for life so that if something throws you off track or if you just need a little extra support, you can read a relevant chapter and quickly get back to feeling fabulous. In fact, opening this book to any page is like sitting down with a good friend whenever you need one.


Carol Chanel is a certified personal and professional life coach. She has a B.A. in sociology with an area of specialization in criminology and a minor in psychology. She has worked in the self-improvement field for more than thirty years. She has written extensively on the subject of self-esteem, relation­ships, love, empowerment, and spirituality and maintains an extensive archive of materials on her website,



Motiv8_web coverScott Mager is a nationally renowned attorney, master motivator and coach, and former professional athlete, who combines intelligence, wit, and enthusiasm to create inspiring solutions that can be immediately employed by anyone. Scott is the author of numerous books and has hundreds of published writings and presentations. Additionally, his success as a nationally renowned attorney is exemplified in his receipt of the National Litigator of the Year Award.


Angelite_Web coverWhat if it were true that the spiritual world can be seen and heard on our side? What would they say and how would it impact our lives? Throughout history, angels and spiritual guidance has been quietly experienced by many, sought after by most, but not shared as it should be. If everyone could have a daily spiritual encounter, what would they learn? Angelite is just that experience. Taffeny Hicks sought guidance from the other side and learned many things that changed her life and inspired her to write.

Angelite is a unique and inspiring collection of messages from angels, providing readers with invaluable advice, comfort, and delight. In this beautiful volume, Angelic Ambassador Taffeny Hicks acts as a bridge between the earthly realm and the divine.

Angelite’s value is that it guides people through life’s puzzles and challenges giving spiritual guidance concerning daily life. The angels speak of simple messages that not only bring peace, but help readers to detach from the things of this world that seek to destroy peace. If you are looking for a powerful transformation in your life, then Angelite is the book for you.

A spiritual intuitive and popular speaker, Taffeny Hicks is also a massage therapist, Reiki master, and herbal consultant. Traveling throughout the United States, she gives lectures and conducts workshops at massage schools, holistic retreats, and universities. A mother of three intuitive children, Hicks lives on a 40-acre spread in western Kentucky. There she works in a private studio giving spiritual counseling to individuals, couples, and groups. “My soul purpose is to help everyone remember who they are,” says Hicks. “I am merely the vessel and a willing servant of God.” Visit



The Inner Travel Guide_coverWhat if you could find a place where: You feel safe no matter what’s happening to you? You feel loved even when you are alone? You feel rock solid even when surrounded by chaos? When you’re in this place, you naturally know who you are and where you’re going. You are authentic. Loving. Sexy. Free. And where is this place? In a location I call home. Your home. It’s right inside you. And I’m going to help you find it.

Andrena Woodhams is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and expert in worldwide travel events. Based upon a decade of deep sha­manic, tantric, and spiritual inner work, Andrena’s guidance is radical in its clarity and refreshingly no-nonsense in its approach. Can personal peace really be that easy? The answer is yes. Using her six languages, Andrena transcends boundaries and nationalities to help sophisticated seekers around the world make the ultimate journey home to themselves. For more information on her books, CDs, and travel events please visit her website

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