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When tragedy strikes someone you love, you will have to decide what kind of friend you will be: one who is there every step of the way or one who looks the other way. The tips and suggestions offered in this book are some of the most helpful you’ll find anywhere. That’s because the answers come from people who have actually gone through very difficult experiences. They have suffered the loss of children, spouses, parents, and siblings. They have been diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses. They have lost jobs, gotten divorced, or survived sudden changes in their lives due to accidents, crime, or natural disasters.

If you really feel a calling to help someone in need but are at a loss for what to do, or you’re afraid that what you do or say might somehow be wrong—causing them to feel worse than what they’re already feeling—this book was written for you!

In How Can I Help? Your Go-to Guide for Helping Loved Ones through Life’s Difficulties, author Sherrie Dunlevy discovers some of the best ways to assist those suffering a loss. Whether it’s a death, divorce, a loss of health or even a loss of job, this book provides the reader with many things they can do or say to help ease the burden of someone who is going through a rough patch in life. After losing her son in 1999, author Sherrie Dunlevy realized she and her husband were blessed with an outpouring of love and support but they also lost some of their closest friends. After many years of trying to figure out why, she concluded that perhaps they were too scared to reach out thinking they might do or say the wrong thing. “The purpose of this book is to provide suggestions of what you might do or say to help those you love heal,” she said. Her background as a former television news anchor, reporter and radio talk show host prompted her to ask questions and find out how others were helped in times of trouble. She has collected those tips and phrases and compiled them into her book, How Can I Help? “My hope,” Dunlevy adds, “is to make it as simple as possible to show up in love and support when a friend or family member is most in need. It seems so easy for some, and so scary for others. Now all you have to do is pick something that resonates with your soul, do it and the healing can begin.”

“After reading How Can I Help?, I knew exactly what to say to someone who unexpectedly lost her best friend after a seventy-year relationship. Thank you, Sherrie, for showing us how to support others in the simplest, kindest way possible. Your words are timely and important.”—Jennifer Read Hawthorne, coauthor, #1 New York Times best sellers Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Sherrie Dunlevy’s guide for helping others is remarkable for its clarity, good advice, and common sense. This book will change the way I deal with such situations in the future.”—William Neal, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, West Virginia University, and Past National Chair, Children’s Miracle Network

“After decades of interviewing hundreds of authors, I know the two ingredients that make the best ‘help’ books: personal passion and simplicity. Sherrie Dunlevy brings both to How I Can Help?”—Howard Monroe, Watchdog Radio Network

Sherrie Dunlevy resides in Wheeling, WV, with her husband. She has recently retired from broadcasting and is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker.



It ends with you… Right now, you can take action to end the passing down of undigested generational pain, shame & intimacy sabotage that is perpetuating unnecessary suffering and emotional illiteracy.

So much of your intimacy and relationship health is determined by the modelling of those that came before you. As children you took mental and emotional pictures as you witnessed your parents, your family and your culture do their best to manage their pain. Through persistent observation, you began to inherit what a ‘normal’ relationship looks like.

But most of us were not given a good example. Many of us witnessed or directly experienced shaming, blaming, abuse, neglect, manipulation and games.

Unwittingly, and without knowing any better, you took on some of your parents strategies for dealing with pain and began to inherit the same dynamics that are now interfering with your own capacity to experience the freedom, joy and intimacy you deserve.

But, worst of all, if left unattended we will pass our inherited wounding down the line to our children and perpetuate the suffering that we, and those that came before us, have endured.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In my book, Insights To Intimacy – ‘Why Relationships Fail & How To Make Them Work’ I show you how to heal yourself and your family through the sacred union of conscious heart intelligent relationship. I’ll show you through clear step by step instructions how you can ‘track’ your intimacy blocks and communicate with your partner in a new way so that your ‘relational operating system’ gets a massive upgrade!

This is not a book of theory and untested hypothesis. The wisdom shared comes from over a decade of real-life testing with thousands of couples and groups from cultures all over the world.

Don’t wait till things get worse… Learn the skills to become Heart Intelligent today and become a healthy role model for a new generation of emotionally literate individuals.

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Included with your book purchase is a free online companion course that you can claim immediately after you order. This course offers additional video demonstrations bringing the practices I’ll be showing you to life, so you can follow along and deepen your understanding.

If you’re not experiencing the relationship you crave, it’s not your fault. Most of us grew up without ideal relationship models to learn from, and you certainly weren’t taught these skills in school. This is your opportunity to change course and begin shifting the habits and patterns that have long stood between you and real love. Are you ready to end the struggle? Let’s begin.

Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart-intelligent relationships. He is the creator of the Heart IQ™ Method, a coaching framework that specializes in group dynamics and intimacy development. This methodology utilizes “circle work” to accelerate personal and group awakening. Christian is the founder of the Heart IQ Academy, an online and live event professional training organization that offers a one-of- a-kind education by combining professional coach training along with embodied application of the Heart IQ principles. The Heart IQ Academy has certified over 300 practitioners in over twenty-five countries.



Five Stars: Readers’ Favorite: “A real page-turner. I advise every couple to read You Exhaust Me.”—Barbara Fanson, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

Four Stars: Bright Copy Book Review: “I was laughing out loud. I related so much to the birthday chapter, it’s unreal. All in all, this book was fully entertaining.”—Alyssa Campbell, Bright Copy Book Review

Why a marriage guide for clueless guys? Do you really have to ask?

More than 2 million guys get married every year in the United States alone, and many (perhaps most) have no clue about the world they will enter once they say, “I do.”

Does a guy know the 10 Fatal Words his wife will spring on him days before her birthday? Does a guy know why he should never throw away his wife’s “bag of bags”? Does he know why he should avoid watching romance movies with his wife once he’s been married for a couple of years? No, no, and most definitely no! Millions of men are clueless about what to expect from marriage and need practical advice from a guy who has been there and seen it all.

Candid and humorous, You Exhaust Me: A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, speaks directly to clueless men (married or planning to marry) everywhere. With more than 20 years’ experience (and counting) as a husband, Bob Marsocci provides valuable insight on what guys should really expect after the wedding rings go on. Bob’s personal and often hilarious marital anecdotes and lessons (often learned the hard way) will enlighten any soon-to-be or newly married man. If that’s you, take it from a formerly clueless guy: If you want to avoid hearing “You exhaust me!” from your wife, read this book. It’s got the secret sauce to keeping her (and you) happy.

How did a guy who is wholly unqualified to provide marital advice end up writing a book giving that very thing? Good question. After more than 20 years (and counting) as a husband–that’s more than 192,000 hours as a married guy—Bob Marsocci figured he had enough experience to write a marriage guide book to help other guys who are or will soon be married. “The best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell said you have to have ‘10,000 hours experience in a subject to be an expert.’ So by that measure, I’m a mega expert in marriage. I readily admit I was (and my wife still says I sometimes still am) a clueless husband. I wrote You Exhaust Me because I know that there are a lot of guys who could benefit from my experience and lessons learned (often the hard way). If I can help even just one guy–whether he’s engaged, a newlywed or even if he’s been married for years–get a clue, well, mission accomplished.” Bob grew up in New England but has called Southern California home for many years, where he lives with my wife, three daughters and two dogs.

Learn more at


SISTER RULES: 144 WAYS TO BE A GOOD SISTER by Elizabeth Killman Russo

Sister Rules_web coverGirls’ Guide to Sisterhood

Your sister didn’t come with a rulebook, did she? What’s fair and what’s not fair probably resulted in one or both of you running to your parents to take sides. Now that you’re older, you likely call on your friends or partner to back you up when one of you feels “wronged.”

But what if there was a set of rules you could follow so you know exactly who has crossed the line . . . this time? Now, with Sister Rules: 144 Ways to Be a Good Sister, there is.

Liz has put in over 20 years developing these tried-and-true guidelines so that sisters everywhere—related or not—can enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with the girls and women in their lives.

Elizabeth Killman Russo, aka Liz, considers herself to be an expert at being a sister, since she herself has three beautiful sisters—Maryanne, Maureen, and Carol—each with their own unique perspective on the world. Despite this, they all manage to maintain that sisterly love and bond toward one another . . . well, most of the time. Elizabeth has also been lucky enough to have been blessed with two brothers, Jimmy and Michael. Both older, but certainly not wiser than she—but that is for another book.

Elizabeth is an artistic and a creative individual with lots of great ideas, this book being just one of them. The words creative and brilliant have been bantered around in the same sentence when some describe her, although she would never describe herself that way. She enjoys spending her free time creating poems, paintings, short stories, and designing centerpieces and other works of art. She is mother to Megan, Kaitlyn, and Kristen—three beautiful girls with beautiful hearts and many talents. Now that her daughters are grown, Liz is considering relocating to a warmer climate; however, she currently resides in New York, where winters can be brutal.



Finding Joy After LossFinding Joy After Loss is one woman’s journey to finding her joy after the tragic death of her husband, Patrick James McCarty. Patrick, a well-known natural healer in the macrobiotic world, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. After three years of fighting cancer with both natural and Western medicine, he lost the fight. Two years after his death, Vashon began writing as a way to come to terms with their family’s tragedy. With time, she discovered a path to her healing, and ultimately, she found a path to finding her Joy. Vashon discovered seven simple steps that helped her to find joy again. Along the way, she found that her joy had always been there, but it had been hidden by her grief. Come journey with Vashon as she discovers these steps and puts them to the test. In the end she finds something she never expected.

Vashon Marie Sarkisian is a mother, cook, organic gardener, world traveler, friend, seeker, and urban designer. When she is not planning communities or raising her son, Kean, she spends her time creating community more personally by sitting on various neighborhood boards and volunteering for causes she is passionate about. She lives in Winter Park, Florida.



Divorce Party_web coverWhat’s the best cure for that painful divorce hangover? A Divorce Party, of course! With this inspiring guide in hand, you can throw a fun-loving, out-of-the-box celebration for yourself or a newly divorced friend that will jumpstart your foray into the exciting land of Singledom. Your guide, Mizz Movin’on, has been there and done that and looks forward to helping you make the most of this exciting journey. Half the fun will be planning the party. From creative invites, unique themes, hilarious activities, unwedding rituals, and decorating divorce cakes to ideas for nights out on the town— there’s nothing missing when it comes to this ultimate guide to post-divorce “girl-friendly” fun! And it’s not just about the party, of course. Pre-party jump-starts get your Mojo running and post-party maintenance ideas help you stay on track when the Divorce Cake has been eaten and all your friends go home. Even then, this guide can serve as a source of inspiration for getting a move on and moving on!

Dr. Amy Botwinick is the author of Congratulations on Your Divorce: The Road to Finding Your Happily Ever After (published worldwide by Health Communications, well known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series). After a successful eighteen-year practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Botwinick broadened the scope of her practice to coach women to powerfully manage the life transition of divorce and beyond. Taking her own divorce experience and message of empowerment to the next level, she put together a team of experts to create Botwinick has appeared on national television to offer her expert advice on The Tyra Banks Show, as well as WeTV. She is now excited to give the gift of laughter and sisterhood through her play Divorce Party The Musical—The Hilarious Journey to Hell and Back!

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